• Before

    Before: 1 House & Garden

  • During

    During: all trees removed, entire block razed

  • After

    After: 4 units, close living, lots of concrete, no outdoor space

What is the future you want to see?

Charming Hobart city today

 Photos capturing some of the look and feel of charming Hobart city today are available on the Hobart Not Highrise website at: http://www.hobartnothighrise.com.au/photos.html. (Photos by Hobart Photographic Society members)


Is this the future you want to see?

Hobart skyline with proposed Fragrance hotel skyscraper


What the government's new Planning reforms will permit as a right

The sketch above shows what Planning Directive 4.1 would actually mean. It shows the proposed permitted building envelope (red dashed line) for Medium Density Housing. In the inner City Zone, the permitted height allowance is proposed to be 9.5 metres high; and in the Residential Zone, it is 8.5 metres high. This planning directive could result in automatic development approval for buildings of three storeys - or four if you excavate for parking.

Desired Future Character in Images

Most people can't begin to understand the Government's planning documents for the new Tasmanian Planning Scheme—they're several hundred pages long, full of technical jargon, and without a single image to help people understand what's being said. Yet "a picture paints a thousand words" and everyone can understand pictures. Photos and images can be used to illustrate and communicate numerous planning ideas and concepts. A compilation of images can provide an excellent starting point for meaningful conversations between communities and government planners and representatives at all levels, about the desired (and undesired) future character of local areas and places people care about. As an example, the following images and words capture some of things residents of the Blackmans Bay/Kingston area of Hobart value about living in their area and want to see captured through future character statements in strategic planning documents. Click on the following link: Desired future character in images_Blackmans Bay/Kingston.

What sort of future do you want for Tasmania? Get involved and help shape the best possible future for Tasmania - join TasPIN and other community groups calling for better Planning for better outcomes. Expect and demand community involvement in quality Planning for better outcomes across Tasmania.