The Tasmanian state election will be held on 3 March 2018, and now is the time to make your voice heard so that all politicians know that better Planning is a key election issue. The government's controversial new planning reforms weaken the state's planning rules and are set to come into effect in 2018. In whatever way you can, please help galvanise community support and political commitment for a better Planning system for Tasmania. Our future depends on it.

How you can help

  • WRITE, SPEAK UP and VOTE to bring about the changes and improvements you want to see in Tasmania's Planning system.
  • Expect and demand a new and respectful Planning process that properly involves the community in creating a shared vision for Tasmania's best possible future. Urge political commitment for a better Planning system to deliver that vision. Let politicians know your vote will go to the party supporting better Planning.
  • Talk about and share information and examples of Planning issues and the need for a better Planning system. Share TasPIN's  website ( and the Planning Matters Alliance Tasmania (PMAT) website (
  • Write a letter or article for your local Tasmanian newspaper/magazine to raise awareness of the Planning issues that concern you, and make clear what you want the incoming Government to do. For tips on letter writing see PMAT's website -  click here.
    • Letters to the Editor at The Mercury: On your web browser, go to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post your letter to GPO Box 334 Hobart TAS 7001
    • Letters to the Editor at The Examiner: On your web browser, go to or post your letter to PO Box 99A Launceston TAS 7250
  • SPEAK TO, WRITE TO, PHONE and/or EMAIL POLITICIANS, including the Minister for Planning - Roger Jaensch MP, Liberal Member for Braddon (contact details below).  Outline your concerns and clearly state what you want done. Encourage others to do so too, or to add their signatures of support to yours. Email or provide copies of your correspondence to Premier Will Hodgman (Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and to the shadow ministers/spokespersons for Planning of all Tasmanian political parties plus Independents. Talk with your local Member of Parliament and if appropriate, request a meeting to discuss your concerns and suggestions. 
    JAENSCH, ROGER MP, Minister for Planning
    Electorate: Braddon
    Phone: (03) 6477 7538
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • ATTEND PLANNING-RELATED ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS.  Alert your social networks (friends, family, social groups, Facebook etc) to upcoming events that highlight planning issues and the need for better Planning rules. Check for events on this website and at Planning Matters Alliance Tasmania events; invite others or organise a group to attend.
  • PLEASE MAKE A DONATION: Support our campaign for better Planning for Tasmania. Please will you help? To make a donation to TasPIN, click here
  • TAKE PHOTOS AND PUBLICISE IMAGES showing the impact that poor Planning is having - or could have - in your local area or the places you care about. Share images with TasPIN for uploading to this website.
  • Encourage newspapers, media commentators and community leaders to pick up on important Planning issues - especially those that threaten Tasmanians' local living environment and lifestyle quality, and/or adversely impact on the future of Tasmania's natural and built heritage and special qualities.
  • Organise and/or participate in community meetings, petitions, letters, events, actions, interviews, information sessions, delegations and meetings with politicians and/or community leaders, and the media to raise public awareness of important Planning matters.  Consider requesting or organising a  public 'Town Hall' meeting where Planning experts and politicians can outline issues and what actions they intend to take to address community concerns about Planning matters and community concerns. 
  • Encourage professional Planners, academics, experts and community leaders to share their views and write articles about what best practice Planning for Tasmania's optimal sustainable future could look like in Tasmania. Encourage and provide articles to the media and/or alert us to good articles for sharing on this website.
  • Get better informed about the government's controversial new Planning reforms and proposed legislation.
    • Read PMAT's briefing paper which outlines the implementation status of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme and some of the key issues associated with the scheme.
    • Government information about the State Planning Provisions (Tasmanian Planning Scheme) is available on the Tasmanian Planning Commission website at The Tasmanian Planning Commission's report to the Planning Minister on the draft State Planning Provisions is available at (under the Decisions tab). The Planning Commission's report to Minister Gutwein contains a number of recommendations to Government, although it appears that a Liberal Government may ignore some of these.  See also the Land Use Planning and Appeals Act 1993.  
    • Read a selection of the representations to the Tasmanian Planning Commission (e.g. from Local Councils, community interest groups, academics and others) to understand what they see as the main issues of concern in relation to the proposed State Planning Provisions (Tasmanian Planning Scheme). These are available on the iplan website (, under reviews and hearings, and search on SPP. For easier access, click here and scroll down to documents.
    • A variety of other publicly and community sourced articles and resources are available from this website.
  • Talk with your Local Council about special areas or values that need extra forms of protection through Planning.